I help you prepare mentally so you can perform at your best.

If you're struggling with the mental side of your game...

You're not alone. 

Nerves, self-doubt, and low confidence are (unfortunately) an inevitable part of being an athlete. 

You may be really hard on yourself too!

You may struggle with negativity, especially when things don't go your way.

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Even though these feelings are normal...

 Addressing them will give you what I like to call:

 An unfair advantage. 

Why unfair? 

Well, most athletes don't work on their mental games! 

I'm a sports psychologist.

It's my job to help athletes navigate the ups and downs of competitive sport. 

So they can be confident and believe in themselves... 

"And play some of the best rugby ever💪🏻". 

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Access my Mental Skills Library. 

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"The most powerful thing you can do is take organized knowledge and use it through organized effort."


Book an Individual Session 

Sessions are 50 minutes long. 

I work in Pretoria, JHB and Online.

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I understand that you may have some specific questions.

 That's why I offer free 15-minute consultations to new clients. 

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I work with athletes as young as 10 years old, across all sporting codes. 

"Theo really understands them and gives advice which they understand and can easily implement during a game."

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"He has helped Luc cope with terrible lows and keeps on supporting Luc's dreams"

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"Without the help, I would not have been able to achieve as much as I did both on the National and International scale."

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"What makes BVP Sport Psychology stand out is their profound understanding of the unique challenges and pressures that young athletes face..."

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Mental high performance is key to your success.

1-on-1 Sessions

50-minute sessions for athletes

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15-Minute Consultations

For parents or athletes who want more info before booking a session.

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  • I practice in PTA & JHB however my services are available nationwide via WhatsApp Video or Microsoft Teams.