I specialize in sport and performance psychology.

I have 15 years of experience working in the sporting industry across numerous sporting codes.

The typical athlete that comes into my practice:

#1  Physical training: 

90 - 120min per day

#2  Technical training: 

180 - 240min per day

#3  Tactics/Strategy: 

60 - 120min per day

#4  Mental Training: 

0-10min per day

Every athlete wants to be "mentally tough" and resilient, however it's easy to see that very few actively invest enough time on their mental training.

So if you want to start working on the mental side of your chosen sport, you're at the right place.

From golf to swimming, cricket to athletics, I am a self-confessed sports nut.

I specialize in the following:

1.  Athletes at School 

     (12 - 18 years)

2. Elite Athletes 

     (18 years+)

3. Golfers, all levels.      

     (12 - 30 years+)

I also work with Corporate Athletes (30 years+)

1.   Cyclists

2.  Triathletes

3.  Crossfit athletes

If you are struggling with a mental barrier that is holding you back, I can help.


Are you getting super nervous before or during competition?

This is normal however you should be actively working on processes and routines to limit the negative impact of these nerves.


Are you struggling with self-belief and confidence?

This isn't a problem that is going to fix itself, unfortunately. 

My 1-hour Individual Sessions are R1150. I work in Pretoria, Centurion, JHB and Cape Town.

There is no need for you to struggle or figure this all out alone. 

Believe me, I struggled with my sport for years and it was horrible.

That's why I am here to help you develop the mental skills that are required for excellence.

So if you would like to set up a session and discuss what is holding you back from being the athlete that you aspire to be, I am one click away!

My rates are R1150.00 per hour. 

Packages available if you decide to make use of my services on a monthly basis.

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Yours in Sport,

Theo Bezuidenhout

Cell: 082 457 3507 

Email: theo@bvpsp.com









Visualize a Great Performance


Quiet Eye Exercises


Watch/ Read Inspiring Content

Your mental game needs as much time and effort as your physical one.

Remember that the next time you compete and it doesn't go the way you "planned".

You probably didn't plan well enough.


Your excuses.


Your bad luck.


Your lack of the best facilities.


How badly your coach treats you.


That your performance wasn't "your best".

No, your competition cares about one thing.

Beating you.