12-Week Power Program

Learn actionable ways to develop crucial mental skills.

So you are equipped to deal with the ups and downs of competitive sport!

Discover proven & tested methods to:

🏆 Develop healthy, positive self-talk.

🏆 Reflect after competition in a constructive and professional manner.

🏆Manage pressure, anxiety & nerves.

🏆Train with consequence to take your game into competition.

🏆Improve intensity and duration of focus.

What's included over the 12 weeks?

✅ x5 video calls 

✅ 30 minutes each 

✅Bookings are essential

Learn actionable ways to develop your mental skills.

Let’s be real:

Your game shouldn't fall apart simply because you're not mentally prepared.

Fancy kit and sports equipment is great.

But even a barefoot athlete can outperform someone in the best Nikes.


Well, mental skills such as focus and concentration, dealing with pressure, confidence and grit will always underpin and anchor great performances.

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