FocusBand Sessions
Here’s what others say about our FocusBand sessions:

“Simpler than what I thought and easy to incorporate into my game.”

“For the first time I have something constructive to do while waiting on the tee box – and it shows in my game.”

“This has not only helped me pick MUCH better targets but has improved my overall concentration. Thank you!!”

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During our FocusBand Sessions you will learn how to shut out the “inner-chatter” and distractions that normally disrupt your game. 

This is not a quick fix or “gimmicky” scheme – but rather a tried and tested method that has proven to help golfers pick better targets, implement superior routines and improve overall concentration on and off the golf course.

We’ve personally seen the results. Golfers toiling and slaving through 18-holes to actually enjoying the process of improving, using processes and techniques learnt during our sessions. 

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If you want to improve your golf game and go from being frustrated and inconsistent to playing BETTER, SMARTER golf, our one-on-one FocusBand sessions are just for you.