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"Break Free From Negative Town" is a combination of stories, videos, actionable tools, research, and straightforward lessons... 

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In this era, information and knowledge are no longer barriers to success. 


Those who take the time to outlearn others and swiftly put their knowledge into action, surpass their competitors.

When your child feels down and out about their sport, it’s horrible to watch. 

You may feel that whatever you say or do falls on deaf ears or backfires completely… 

"My child listens to her coach but not to me..." If I had a dollar for every time I've heard this! 

While sport is a great teacher because it forces one to find a way through difficult and challenging times…“finding a way” comes easier (or quicker) to some than to others. 

After 1200 sessions each year*, I have seen countless athletes escape their personal Negative Towns and achieve truly remarkable things as a result. 

*I see, on average, 30 athletes per week and I work 40 weeks of the year… you do the Math 😉

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It’s 1992 and I was the only Grade 8 selected to play for my high school’s first cricket team. I loved it! But what started off as a dream come true ended up as a nightmare

I had always had a lingering fear of failing and when I started playing against older, stronger and more experienced cricketers, my abilities suddenly didn’t seem as impressive anymore. 

Instead of viewing this as an unique opportunity to learn and improve, I saw myself as a failure. This, coupled with continuous feedback and criticism from my Dad, I ended up playing with a Just Don’t Make A Mistake mindset. 

And it completely ruined my game. 

The power of the mind is truly amazing! I hadn’t changed physically, but my negative thoughts and feelings slowly but surely impaired my ability to perform out there. 

I was simply stuck in Negative Town for too long…

While I do not know your child, their specific circumstances, or challenges...

 I guarantee you that at least one one thing in here will help them navigate this adventurous, passion-filled, yet often painful and devasting thing that we love to play (and watch)… called sport! 

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"Theo really understands them and gives advice which they understand and can easily implement during a game."

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"Without the help, I would not have been able to achieve as much as I did both on the National and International scale."

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I work with athletes as young as 9 years old, across all sporting codes.

No matter your age, if you fatigue mentally, your body is fatigued. 

If you’re frustrated... your body isn't moving as fast and it doesn't react as sharply.

The converse is also true. 

The power of your mind is really unbelievable.