If you're struggling with nerves, self-doubt, or fear of failure... 

I'm the coach for your mind you've been searching for.

✅ Learn ways to stay calm before you compete.

✅ Say goodbye to feelings of overwhelm and doubt!

Discover the magic of performing with a mindset that matches your physical talent.

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 Your brain is incredible! 

But it's prone to distraction and to allowing emotional states and circumstances to take you off course from your goals.

"I'll never be good enough!" 

 "Why do I make such stupid mistakes?" 

"I always play badly when it rains."

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Whether you like it or not, your thoughts and feelings are ever-present and hold huge power over you. 

Stereotypes like “think positively” or “just calm down” simply don't work!

It's kinda like putting a plaster on a cut that needs stitches…

 Not a real solution!

So what does work

(Whether you're 9 or 39 years old)

Battle-tested protocols that will be of immediate and lasting help to you. 

✅ Breathing Exercises 

✅ Positive Self-Talk 

✅ Visualization (Mental Rehearsal)  

✅ Relaxation techniques 

✅ Learning how to be present 

✅ Pre-performance routine 

✅ Post-performance reviews 

✅ Focusing on things you can control

The reason for using that word as opposed to “hacks” or tools, or some other descriptor is that a “protocol” implies a set list of steps to carry out that are known to be effective. Truly valuable protocols allow for flexibility, so that you can apply and adapt each protocol to your specific circumstances and needs.


Whether we work on self-talk, breathing or relaxation techniques.

Whether we work on visualization or routines... 

My focus is centered around your ability to:

✅ implement each protocol in real-life situations.

✅ feel empowered and passionate about your sport.

✅ perform as freely and brilliantly as possible!

"Theo really understands them and gives advice which they understand and can easily implement during a game."

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"He has helped Luc cope with terrible lows and keeps on supporting Luc's dreams"

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"Without the help, I would not have been able to achieve as much as I did both on the National and International scale."

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I work with athletes as young as 9 years old, across all sporting codes.

No matter your age, if you fatigue mentally, your body is fatigued.

If you’re frustrated... your body isn't moving as fast and it doesn't react as sharply.

The converse is also true. 

The power of your mind is really unbelievable.