3-2-1 Method

When you reflect on your performance:

 You must think about...

👉🏻 3 great things that you did.

👉🏻 2 average things that you did.

👉🏻 1 bad thing that you did.

This must always be done in this order: 

3 Great 👉🏻 2 Average 👉🏻 1 Bad

Dive deeper into one of each:      

1 great  👉🏻 1 average 👉🏻 1 bad thing


Click below to download:

Reflection Great Average Bad Examples.pdf

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No one can think about (and process) your performance but you.

You need to do so alone.

You need to take responsibility for getting it done.

Patience is a virtue

Every time you reflect, you will get better at it.  

Over time, it will become a natural part of your post-competition routine.

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 When things didn’t go your way

Reflection is not a 45 minute venting session on the drive home.

When things went your way

Reflection still needs to get done.

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If you feel compelled to think about more negative things:

Repeat the 3-2-1 process.

We do this to force yourself to think about the good & average things that you did.

Rather than becoming a victim to Negativity Bias.