Why is Reflection NB!?

Imagine you have a really good game and everything is going well. 

You make good passes and some great tackles. You’re giving it your all out there.

But then, something goes wrong.


 You slip up, miss a tackle, and the other team scores.


What do you think you’ll remember at the end of the day…

Many athletes focus on the bad things and remember them really clearly.

And in the process, ignore everything else.

For every hour spent competing, you’ve spent countless hours in practice.

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If something happens once it’s data.

If it happens again it’s information.

If you learn from it, it becomes knowledge.

And if you adjust from it and improve, it becomes wisdom.


The goal is for you to learn from your entire competitive experience:

 What went wrong and what went well out there.

And to walk away with a reason to get back to training (motivation). 

And to go out there the next time and be better prepared(confidence).

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We want you to think about and process your performance in a consistent and constructive manner.

Regardless of the outcome.

We want you to get the most out of the competitive experience so you have an


(and not the other way round).

It’s often not the big things that gets one down.

It’s the small, niggly thoughts that creep into one’s minds that do the most damage…

 And many of these thoughts & ideas are formed during the period of time after you compete.