If you want to work on your confidence, you're at the right place.

Before we dive into ways to work on your confidence... 

You must understand two basic principles.

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Principle 1:  

Confidence needs to be backed by ability. 

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Principle 2:  

You need to be confident about your ability to perform.

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5 Actionable Ways To Boost Confidence

Tool 1 ➡️ Self-Talk

A lot of people erode their confidence with what they say to themselves or how negatively they speak to themselves.

Click here for a simple exercise to help you not fall into the same trap.

YET, BUT statement.


Tool 2 ➡️ Reflection 

Learn from your mistakes.

Humans are inherently negative!

It’s hardwired in our brain to survive… ancestors.

News + tabloids are negative – it sells.

Negativity bias.

Re-wire that!

3-2-1 Method.


Tool 3 ➡️ Body Language

Smile – send signal to brain that you are happy.

Body listens to your mind AND your mind listens to your body.

Amy Cuddy (TedTalk)on body language.

(Presence – power posing, psychology changes when you stand confidently for 2 mins)

Powerful + simple to gain confidence right in the moment.

Tool 4 ➡️ Visualization 

Visualizing successful process execution.

Swimmer your starting process (behind the blocks)

Golfer (pre-shot routine)

Hockey player (breaks in the game, when there’s a short corner. Breathing/ centering. Going through a mental checklist of the 3 most NB skills you need to do in your position.)

RATING how you’ve executed your 3 most NB skills in that chucker. Defender, tackling, marking and slaps (stepping up the base when you’re in position) Score out of 10.

BUT preparing for what may go wrong so that you’re more confident in dealing with these things that you are worried about.

Tool 5 ➡️ Train with consequence. 

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Don't let negative self-talk hold you back from achieving your goals.

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Book a 50 minute Self-Talk Session, via WhatsApp, Today!