When you compete, your mind needs to be focussed on one thing. The ability to be in the zone is often what separates a poor performance from a great one. When you are competing, a lapse of concentration can come at a great cost. Many athletes expect to be 100% focussed when they compete. They get frustrated when they are in the zone one day but have a disappointing performance the next day. And this is understandable – physically they did not change. This scenario is unfortunately very common. There is good news though. You can train your brain to focus on the right things, when it matters most. This however needs to be developed in training before you can successfully take it into competition.


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"“Perhaps the most obvious signs of mental toughness are control and composure. Those who are able to focus and keep their emotions in check even in the face of enormous pressure are the ones who will think and act in the clearest, most appropriate manner.”

Excerpt from Mind Gym:

An Athlete's Guide to Inner Excellence by Gary Mack.