Self-Talk is powerful! There are a lot of talented people in the world. Why do so few of them reach their full potential? Well, one reason is that their self-talk doesn’t allow them to fully believe in themselves. Developing functional self-talk will contribute greatly to your mental strength and resilience as an athlete. You aren’t going to become a winner if you think like a loser. Remember this.


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A study published in 1990 analyzed people’s rate of inner speech. The findings were astonishing. We speak to ourselves at approximately four thousand words per minute. 

To put this into perspective, to say the same number words out loud would take close to an hour! 

Just think about the sheer quantity of words that you are able say to yourself in one day alone, let alone a month, a year or a lifetime. This is why those with negative self-talk often struggle to achieve top performances.

“With great power, comes     

      great responsibility.”  

At 4 000 words per minute, self-talk is powerful. It’s up to you whether you use this power to build yourself up or to break yourself down.