By imagining doing something, you use exactly the same neural pathways as if you are actually doing it. Amazing right? This is backed up by countless studies! Do you ever feel like things go really well when you train but things don’t go as well when you compete? The best in the world use visualization to perfect their skills and prepare for competition. Now it's your turn to do the same! “When I would visualize, I would visualize every single thing. I mean leading up to a meet, I would visualize probably a month or so in advance. I would visualize: what could happen, want I want to happen and what I don’t want to happen because when it happened I was prepared for it.” Michael Phelps ~ most decorated Olympian of all time


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To give you an idea of how serious Conor McGregor is about training his mental game, here’s what he coach John Kavanagh has said about him:

Kavanagh: “Conor can tell me, when he was going to fight, exactly what was going to happen before it happened because he had done it a thousand times in his head. He had warmed up backstage, he had heard the crowd, he had smelt the arena, he has seen the audience, he would really immerse himself in the fight night so that the time fight night came along, where a lot of people had maybe been training in kind of a quiet gym, for 8 or 12 weeks and then you walk into 15 000 people and you get shocked… he used to walk in and go, ‘yeah this in my thousandth time doing this’.”