If your child is a talented athlete...

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"Works like a charm!" 



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Hi, my name is Theo Bezuidenhout,

I've worked as a sport psychologist for over 18 years in South Africa.

One thing that often helps athletes is something I like to call "Prove Them Right."

What does this mean?

Well, instead of trying to prove people that have upset you wrong... 

Focus on your biggest supporters (the people who love you and think you’re amazing) and prove them right! 


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Something else that I often see is this everyone wants to win! 

But few actually prepare to win, especially when it comes to mental preparation.

So a nice thing that I tell my clients to use this statement: 
"If this, then that..."

Here's how it works:

Your child may be stressed and anxious before competition:

“What if it rains?”

“What if I lose?”

“What if I miss?”

“What if he tackles me?”

“What if she wins the first set?”

This is what they should do instead:

When asking “if this”… 

Plan what you could do about it using “then that”.

“What if it rains?” 

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"Then I’ll do a shorter warm-up outdoors but a longer one indoors. 

And remind myself that if it rains, it’s raining for everyone."

I know that your child might not always want to listen directly to Mom or Dad. 

That's why these mindset lessons are in PDF form.

So you can download and send it to your child, possibly even on WhatsApp.

In this way:

 The advice comes directly from me. 

And not you as the parent.

"Works like a charm!" 


Easy to understand - Even easier to implement.


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"Theo really understands them and gives advice which they understand and can easily implement during a game."

Here are some examples of what's included.

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 1. Use the word YET


2. Remember, there is a CONSEQUENCE!

3. After you compete, do this quick reflection exercise.

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No one is certain if they'll win or not. 

It just doesn't work like that

Every single time you walk out to compete... 

There is uncertainty. 

There are so many things that you don't control!!

And if you don't accept that... 

You're going to waste a lot of mental energy that should be directed elsewhere. 

So here's something that helps...


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"The most powerful thing you can do is take organized knowledge and use it through organized effort."

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"Your mind is your best weapon. Train it well." - Unknown