If you tend to overthink things or let your thoughts mess with you before competing...

This is for you!

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"3 simple steps to prepare for competition so that you are mentally energized and ready to give it your best shot out there."

This free guide will teach you how to stop overthinking and use your thoughts wisely, focusing on what matters most for your success.



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Hi, my name is Theo Bezuidenhout.

I've worked as a sport psychologist for over 18 years in South Africa.

Your headspace going into a competition makes a big difference on how you perform out there. 

Compare an athlete who is stressed and nervous to one that is calm, composed and mentally primed.

You want to be the second one obviously. 

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Every competition is going to throw you it’s unique set of challenges and it’s only normal to be nervous before you compete. 

Your mental game is all about your confidence, your focus, and your ability to stay calm in big moments… 


It’s also about your mental strategy and planning for the few weeks leading up to competition.


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What my clients say

"Theo really understands them and gives advice which they understand and can easily implement during a game."

"His mindset changed, his confidence was back and he believed in himself once again"

"Her self confidence playing hockey has improved so much after the tips he gave her."

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"Your mind is your best weapon. Train it well." - Unknown