You might think that your thoughts only exist in your head... 

And how you talk to yourself doesn’t really matter

This is unfortunately not true. 

This manifests itself in your actions as well as your habits.

Mohammed Ali famously said. 

What he told himself mattered! 

And it eventually came true.

 Imagine if he said this instead: 

“I hate every minute of training! 

I'm never going to be good enough anyway – so why suffer so much now?” 

If this was the case, we wouldn't be quoting Mohammed Ali right now.

When something doesn’t go your way or is bothering you...

 You are naturally going to feel emotional or upset about it.

 You’ll want to talk or vent about what is happening.

 And that’s okay.

The goal is not to stop or ignore these feelings and emotions. 

 When you try to stop how you are feeling... 

You subconsciously think about it even more.

So, what is the goal? 

The goal is to: 

Speak to yourself in a way that helps you instead of harms you.  

Learning to do so will help you stay: 

✅  focused      ✅  confident      ✅  motivated.

Mentally strong people have the ability to learn from their failures, gain perspective from their losses, believe in their abilities and use the past in the way they need to. 

And a big reason why they can do this is because of their self-talk.

Learn to speak to yourself in a way that helps you instead of harms you.